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Art Kit

Joy, connection and inspiration for families, expertly planned & delivered to your doorstep


What's Included?

A Hardback Picture Book

“A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is a bad children’s story.” — C.S. Lewis

KidArtLit What's Included

We curate artful and complex picture books from a range of publishers. Expect a new-release or boutique title that your family can savor.

An Art Project

You'll always get a book-related, open-ended art experience that is engaging, fun, and explores a particular medium or theme. Our packages might focus on painting, printmaking, textiles, or sculpture, for example, and are different each month. While we do build some helpful structure into our projects, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to enjoy them. We will deliver all the supplies you need to complete the project two times.

Our Mini Magazine

KidArtLit was founded by experts in literacy and creative education, and our magazine gives that expertise a place at your creative table, helping you through each project and guiding you deeper into each book.  

A Bonus Item

Each box includes a bonus “Ready, Set, Go” item or activity that your family can enjoy as soon as you receive your box. Think of it as a pre-reading and creating warm up to engage your kids and get them thinking.

Amazing Online Support

When you sign up, you will get access to our exclusive resource library—where we store clickable guides, themed project inspiration, and other downloadable resources—and to our engaged and supportive online community, where we host photo challenges, live workshops, and share news and resources for creative families.



It’s easy! Sign up for our monthly membership or choose from our gift options.  All KidArtLit members have unlimited access to an exclusive library of creative & bookish resources and expert support. Engage with our lively online community through weekly art and reading challenges, live video workshops, and more.


Handpicked for you! Each month, we choose a hardcover picture book and create a related, open-ended art project for your family. We box up the book, all the art supplies you’ll need, and our inspiring mini-magazine, and we ship it right to your door.


Joy and curiosity arrive at your home! We always include a “Ready-Set-Go” activity so your family can engage with the delivery right away. These activities are designed as fun pre-reading and creating experiences that set you up for success.


Make reading and art making part of your family’s culture. KidArtLit is a subscription, so new books, art materials, and ideas arrive for you every month, and your family’s experience deepens over time. There is no commitment; cancel anytime.



How do the subscription and gift options work?

When you become a KidArtLit member, your experience becomes more rich and deep as your family engages with a variety of books and creative projects over time. When you buy, you can expect to receive our next scheduled delivery. Our boxes ship on, or just after, the 15th of each month, and you will be notified when your package ships. Memberships auto renew on the 30th of each month, and you can cancel anytime with just a few clicks or an e-mail to us. Gift options are prepaid and do not renew after the service term.

What is included in KidArtLit deliveries?

Each delivery includes a hardback picture book, all the supplies you need to complete a related art project (twice!), and our mini magazine full of additional art techniques and ideas for exploring the box’s theme. Each box also includes a “Ready-Set-Go” activity that your child can interact with the moment you open your box.

What ages is KidArtLit designed for?

KidArtLit deliveries are created for children ages 3-7 years. The books and projects are curated to meet the developmental needs of most children within this age range, so older and younger sibling can both enjoy and benefit from our packages.

What if I have more than one child? Do I need to purchase more than one box?

Not necessarily! Each of our boxes includes the supplies you will need to complete the art project two times.

What happens if I already have the book?

Our deliveries include carefully selected titles that are either brand new releases or from boutique or international publishing houses. We choose books that are artful, meaningful, and have that special something your family will fall in love with. We think you will be surprised and delighted by each new book.

What is process art/open-ended art? Is that different than a kids craft?

KidArtLit offers open-ended and process-based projects as companions to high-quality children’s literature. Unlike crafts or other activities in which there is one expected outcome or correct way to “do” the activity, KidArtLit projects are designed to let your family connect and to help you explore literature and art mediums without unrealistic expectation for outcomes or end products. Our projects include a variety of ways for children to explore concepts and materials and develop their own ideas. We love crafts, but we think process art is vital; it is also often less frustrating and more fun.

Will this art be “frame worthy?”

Sometimes. KidArtLit projects will allow your child to create with a range of mediums through the duration of your subscription—from paints, to pastels, sculpture, textiles, and more. Some or all of the results may appear “frame-worthy” to you. However, the main intentions are to help you connect, explore concepts, and make memories though books and art and to raise children who are creative, curious, and compassionate.

Will I be expected to help my child make the art?

It’s up to you. You can decide how involved you want to be in the creative process; we encourage you to think of yourself as a guide and observer in addition to providing whatever assistance you child or children require. Our mini magazine will give you lots of ideas, encouragement, and support as you engage in art activities at home.

How much time will this take?

It’s up to you. KidArtLit projects are designed to nurture your family through storytime and art making sessions all month. You may spend from 1 hour up to 3-4 hours a week with your box and materials, but ultimately you may spend as little or as much time on the projects and books as you like and as your schedule allows. If you don’t get to your KidArtLit experience right away, it can easily be stored in its box for future use.

Will we have fun?

We certainly hope so! It’s our intention that you fully enjoy your KidArtLit experience. We will do our very best to serve you and provide you with the best reading and creative experience possible.