Meet Kelsey Larsen of Bapron Baby

You know when you meet someone and you get that feeling that something amazing is about to happen? Well, that's how we feel about Kelsey, although we have never had the honor to meet her and her sweet family in person, we have a feeling that the joy and enthusiasm shared in her aprons is a reflection of her in real life jubilant personality.

Read on to learn more about Kelsey and her exciting business all about keeping your mess-making-fun stylish and contained with one of her striking aprons.  Plus, KidArtLit community, receive 15% off your entire order between now and October 31st, 2017 when you use code KIDARTLIT at checkout.

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Introducing, Kelsey Larsen:


Please tell us a little about yourself.

Hi I'm Kelsey Larsen, Owner of BapronBaby, LLC. Our website is and we are @bapronbaby at facebook, instagram, and pinterest (although our primary social media outlet is instagram). I live in Surprise, AZ, and I secretly love that I get a chuckle almost every time I say the name of our city!

What was your childhood like?

I grew up in a big family in Utah. You guessed it: Mormon! I was the youngest in the family and always hated babysitting. Now that I'm a mom I laugh because all I want to do is play with little kids!

bapron baby


How do you start your day? And, more importantly, are you a coffee, tea, or other kind of gal?

I am such an Instagram junkie. I wake up, roll over, and catch up on IG for 30 minutes before I even stand up haha! My toddler is on a big pancake kick right now so we usually make "cakes" together and I let him flip one or two before taking over. He's always very disappointed that his pancakes don't magically flip like mine lol


Share with us where the idea for your business came from.

When my little boy was about 6 months old, we started introducing solid foods to him. But here's the thing... he would pull all of his bibs off. Then he'd ruin his clothes. then I'd have to wash the clothes. and fold the clothes. and... you get the point. I honestly designed the bapron for myself. I've always sewn, so I created exactly what I needed. Turns out that a waterproof, stain resistant, comfortable, easy to rinse, full coverage bib is something that everyone wants! haha

Where do you find your inspiration?

My inspiration comes in the middle of the night when the rest of the house is sleeping. It's in the wee hours of the morning that I get my best ideas an accomplish the most work!


Do you have any special projects you are working on that you would like to share with us?

Always! We are currently designing waterproof carrying bags for your baprons and splash mats! you can tie them onto the handle of the stroller and sneak your phone in there too for an easy way to carry your bapron around until you can get to a little bit of water to clean it off :)

Do you have any advice for those who are just starting out?

Ask for advice from the shops you look up to. Don't be afraid. You'll be surprised how kind they are. Lindsey from ezpz was such a great motivator when I reached out to her last year, and there's been a lot of others who have helped me in the early phases of developing my brand. I've made it a point to pay it forward. I KNOW I'm not the only one working through the night so I can afford to stay home with my babies :) That's the beautiful thing about motherhood: we're all in this together!


What makes your heart sing? Lifts you up? Makes you feel content? Or just makes you happy to be alive?

kindness. Seeing someone be kind when they don't have to just makes my soul happy. Leslie from Dylbug is that way. If you don't follow her on instagram, you need to. She's a great example of what I mean. I just love feeling that humanity is still good and kind and generous and LOVING!


What are some of your favorite blogs, books, IG accounts?

I am so lame. I hardly read at all anymore! When I need a good pick me up, I usually find myself combing through the scary mommy posts on facebook though. They crack me up!!!


Love what you see?

Save 15% off your entire Bapron Baby order when you use the code KIDARTLIT at checkout. Valid through October 31, 2017.

Kids Books About Japanese Culture

Kids Books About Japanese Culture

Back in the seventh grade, my mom took me on an overnight trip to Columbus, Ohio. The state capital was about 70 miles from our small, rural-ish town and represented cosmopolitan magic and sophistication. We dined at a small, family-owned sushi restaurant, and I was absolutely hooked. I remember that the slightly-sweet tamago (egg) was a favorite, but I was a little unsure of the tako (octopus).

[Spoiler Alert!] Here's What's In the KidArtLit August Packages

[Spoiler Alert!] Here's What's In the KidArtLit August Packages

Want to know what's included in the KidArtLit August Deliveries? Kep reading to find out. 

Easy DIY Origami Japanese Bookmark Dolls- Shiori Ningyo

Easy DIY Origami Japanese Bookmark Dolls- Shiori Ningyo

Make Japanese shiori ningyo—easy origami bookmark dolls.

Snack Time Recipe: Acai Smoothie With Frozen Cauliflower

Snack Time Recipe: Acai Smoothie With Frozen Cauliflower

Simple and tasty healthy smoothie recipe your child will surely love and not know that it's full of cauliflower. 

Your Next Road Trip Won't Be Dull With This Storytelling Technique

Your Next Road Trip Won't Be Dull With This Storytelling Technique

Simple and fun way to tell stories with children. Perfect for long road trips, or camping trips, or just something to do to kill time in the summer. 

DIY Travel Art Kit For Kids

DIY Travel Art Kit For Kids

About a month ago our family found ourselves stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire. Between poor cell reception and it being rush hour we waited on the side of the road for two hours until help arrived. 

Already tired and cranky the thought of taking my two kids to the tire store for a new tire was not something I was looking forward to. That is, until I remembered my Mini Travel Art Kit in my purse. My heart skipped a beat as the stress melted away. Everything was going to be fine. Just find. 

At the tire store we settled into the waiting room that smelled of stale popcorn and instant coffee. I pulled the little kit from my bag and laid out the contents for my children to begin playing with. Within minutes they had created mini masterpieces, kites, necklaces, and little books. Two hours in and the kids had used the contents of the kit to create an entire little paper world to play in. The kids stayed engaged. My stress kept at bay, and the car got fixed. The day was saved.

You can make your own mini traveling art kit for kids for that next time you find yourself stuck at the mechanic's, the dentist office, a restaurant, or a day out at the park. Use items from around your home, or click the items listed below to purchase the items to create a new kit just for you (note, contains affiliates). 

DIY Travel Art Kit For Kids

For your kits you will need:

1 Pencil Case/Make Up Case

1 Pair of Scissors

A stack of recycled sheets of paper cut down,  or a small notebooks


Chalk Pastels


Play dough

1 Altoids Case to contain your crayons and chalk, or other small container

Small Hole Punch (We like these with the shapes)

Other Options of Items to Include

3-5 Pipe Cleaners

Beads in a Small Plastic Container

Glue Stick

Mini Stapler

What Else Could You Include?


Pack all of your items into your pencil case. You may need to play around with how to arrange all of your items. Close your case with all your items inside, and toss it into your bag or glove compartment of your car. Pull it out the next time you need some entertainment for your children (and a bit of a break for you).

DIY Travel Art Kit for Kids

5 Audiobooks That Will Save Your Next Road Trip

Audiobooks for kids and families

There's nothing like hearing that dreaded question from the back seat of the car 5 minutes into your 18 hours road trip, 

"Are we there yet?"

You roll your eyes, sigh deeply, and remind your child kindly that, "No, not yet. The adventure has just begun." You begin rummaging through all the snacks, games, books, and gadgets you packed to provide an assortment of entertainment. Making you feel absolutely confident that you can keep that question at bay, just a little longer.

However, upon the 55th time that question is asked you find yourself in desperate need of something more to offer besides car bingo (Although, if you are looking for a good one give this one a go). 

We totally get it. We have been there too. It's one of those pivotal parenting moments, the quintessential test that no one tells you is part of this thing called parenthood. Can you stay as cool as a cucumber while confined in a small space while your child asks you the same question over an over on repeat...for hours. We would like to see a Yogi make it through a long road trip and still feel zen by the end. 

Fortunately, we polled the KidArtLit community and asked them for their favorite audiobook recommendations that are just the ticket to easing those tense moments, provide some quality entertainment, and keep everyone thoroughly entertained, and not asking "Are we there yet?" 

1. A.A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh

Classic retelling of the story of Christopher Robbin and his sweet bear (and all the Hundred Acre Woods Friends) told by Peter Denis. Joyful, hilarious at times, and touching too. You and your children will want to listen to these stories that stand on their own, or build upon one another again and again. Wonderful for ages 2-8 years. 


2. Roald Dahl's Matilda

Read by the ever-talented Kate Winslet you and your children will get lost in the magical wonderland of Matilda's imagination. Filled with the trials and tribulations of young childhood this audio book packs all of the colorful imagery and style Roald Dahl is known for. Matilda is witty, charming, a nuisance at times, but always creative. She is an inspiration to childhood. Recommended for 5 years and up (some content may be troublesome to some young listeners).


3. The Little Prince

Originally published in French by Antione De Saint-Exupery, the Little Prince is a remarkable story within a story. A pilot crash lands in a desert where he meets a mysterious little boy who tells him of the planet he is from, of his beautiful rose, and in the process helps the pilot remember his own creativity. A delightfully slower-paced story that will entertain any deep thinker. Wonderful for children entering kindergarten and up. 


4. Pipi Longstocking

Did you read the wild adventures of Pipi Longstocking as a child? You are in for a delicious treat with this audio book. Jam-packed with all the original stories Pipi's escapades will keep you and your children rolling with laughter. Pipi and her spunky personality will perk up any long car ride in no time. Children in preschool and up will enjoy these charming stories. 


5. Little Bear

Who can resist the joy that Maurice Sendak's Little Bear brings with every new story? Narrated by Signourney Weaver this sweet series is a delight to listen to no matter your age. The language is simple, and the audiobook does a wonderful job of enhancing the emotions indicated in each passage. Clearly marked within the audio "chapters" so you can easily pause, stop, and resume this audiobook. A great addition to any collection for children ages 3-7. 

5 Simple & Child Friendly Ways to Display Kid Art In Your Home

If you are like us then your kids also create a ton of art, bring home a ton of art from school, and seem to leave bits of paper filled with drawings in their wake. We aren't complaining. It's a great problem to have, but what is one to do with all of that art? Keep it? (how?) Throw it away, Display it? (Again how?), or give it away? What brings the best benefit to children, as well as allow we grown-ups to continue to provide a home environment that isn't overrun by piles of paper?

Displaying children's artwork, whether in your home or classroom provides such a benefit to young children and their overall sense self worth. Early Childhood educator and author ofThe Art of Awareness: How Observation Can Transform Your Teaching, Debbie Curtis says,  "They see that their work is being taken seriously. Displaying their work tells them that their work is important and that grown-ups value their work..." 

That's all fantastic, right? But, how do you go about displaying your children's artwork in your home without losing the aesthetic of your home? We all love our children, and we LOVE that they make art, but that doesn't mean we want to wallpaper our home in their artwork (although, that could be really cool for a kid's bathroom...just a thought). Don't worry. We've got you covered. Over the next few weeks we will explore the best ways to keep, store, and display our children's artwork. Starting today, let's dive into our top 5 simple techniques for creating changeable art displays, so you can keep that kid art moving and rotating through. Plus, these techniques are child friendly, so your kids can get in on the action too. 

 *(This article contains affiliate links)*

*(This article contains affiliate links)*

Transform an Old Picture Frame

One of our favorite ways to display children's artwork is in a clothesline fashion, and one of the best ways we have found to create a "classy" clothes line is with an old picture frame (minus the glass), some wire, and a few, you guessed it, clothespins. All you need to is measure a piece of malleable steel wire (like this one) and wrap one end around one side of your picture frame, extend the wire across the frame and wrap the other end several times around the opposite side of the frame until you have created a simple "clothesline" attach a few clothespins and viola you have a very shabby-chic way to display your children's artwork. 


Clipboard Art Dispplay

Clipboard Displays

Is there anything more functional than a clipboard? Attach a few to your wall to create a charming, slightly industrial, and absolutely kid-friendly framing method (no glass!). We like these the best for our hanging purposes. 


Display Your Kid Art In your Home

Integrate Kid Art into your Every Day

Kid art is extremely versatile, and because there is so much of it theres no need to feel badly about displaying it ways that get every day use like as placemats, coasters, table runners, or ahem, wallpaper. 


Curate A Gallery Using Unusual Frames

Mason Jar DIY Picture Frame

We love it when we get to repurpose items from our homes to create a beautiful display of our children's artwork, and two of our favorite items to use are mason jar lids and embroidery hoops. Both of these techniques are simple, create a consistent look, and are easy to change out the artwork. They are also great ways to display more process-based artwork; making them great for displaying artwork created by very young artists. 

May KidArtLit Box- Use a Box for a Frame

Create a Box Frame

If there is one thing we have more than enough of it's boxes. Did you know you can create a simple and fun shadow box frame using an old box? We created these dream theaters as part of the May KidArtlit box delivery. The best part? The box was not only a fun way to play with the artwork created, but also a great way to frame and display the art that was made. 


BONUS! Printable Frames

Sometimes just creating a mini gallery wall for your children to change out their own artwork can be so fun. Why not print out paper frames to let your children decorate (or not) and then tape their original master pieces to and use washi tape to hang up in their own "salon gallery" style wall. This makes for a great way to display artwork in a bedroom, playroom, or hallway too. You can download your own printable frame from the KidArtLit Resource library. Enter your e-mail address below to get instant access. 

Get Access to the KidArtLit Resource Library


display kid art in your home diy

Play With Temporary Tattoo Image Transfer to Wood

Play With Temporary Tattoo Image Transfer to Wood

Temporary Tattoo image transfer to wood craft. Perfect for the whole family. Create these charming wood medalions to us in a variety of ways for your crafting and art making pleasure.