Make Fairy Perfume

Flower perfume supplies

The flowers are bursting in bloom as spring takes full effect, and what a great reason to set-up a simple, easy-and may we just say- a beautiful looking (and smelling too!) fairy perfume station? This is one of our all-time favorite ways to play with flowers. Open-ended, sensory based, and appeals to a wide variety of ages (from babies and up) makes this project a great way to beat an afternoon lull. Plus, with the minimal supplies you will be making these beauties in no time. 


Supplies (Affiliate links included):

1. Empty Spice jars and bottles (Use recycled, or we like these too)

2. Fresh flowers picked and petals removed

3. A dish or small bucket to place your flower petals in (We love these basket plates for displaying)

4. Funnel

5. Small bucket or wash basin (we like this one) filled with water

beautiful flowers in progress

Step 1:  Collect flowers from your garden or yard (always ask permission when not  collecting on your own property), or use flowers you had on display (this is a great use for those wilting flowers and a fabulous reason to get more!).

Step 2. Pull the petals from the flowers and collect them in a pile or in a small bowl, plat, or bucket. This is a great task for young children, and one they really love too. 

Step 3. Pour a few cups of water into a small bucket or wash basin (See supply list for the kinds we like) and add the funnel too. 

diy perfume with spring flowers

Step 4. Let the children place the flower petals into the spice jars. When they feel like there is enough in the jars it's time to add the water. 

Pour water in

Step 5. Using the funnel children can pour water into their spice jars using one of the other containers to collect water, or provide a small measuring cup or other cup with a handle to faciliate the pouring. 

pretend perfume complete

Continue the process until your children  have created a variety of perfumes to their liking. They may like to dump out the contents over and over again, or they can get really fancy and decorate their bottles too.