Make Spring Nature Mobile

pretty spring supplies

Spring is in the air and it is making us want to sing from the hill tops like Maria in The Sound of Music! Celebrate all the green leaves and blossoms with these beautiful mobiles. 


Supplies (The following contains affiliate links):

1. Paints: Pink, Orange, Yellow, green, blue, purple (We love these paints)

2. Paint Pallet

3. Plastic Yarn Needle

4. Sponge Brush

5. Natural Elements: Sturdy Leaves (From trees or shrubs), Small Pine cones, Sticks

6. Wooden Dowel, or use a natural stick

pretty spring lifestyle photo
Painted Spring Leaves

Step 1: Pick-off the leaves and begin to paint as many as you like. 

Painted Spring Pinecones

Step 2. Paint the additional natural items like the pine cones. 

Sewing Leaves
Sewing Leaves
Pretty art mess lifestyle photo

Step 3. Thread the plastic needle with the yarn (grownups you will need to assist young artists with this step). Allow your young artist to practice threading the leaves onto the yarn. Thread all of the leave onto one piece of yarn. Grownups, you will cut the long piece of yarn into three (or more) pieces to tie onto your stick later.  Once all the painted leaves are attached to the yarn cut the pieces off and leave about 3 inches of extra yarn on either end. Tie on the painted pine cones to each piece of yarn.

Yarn-wrapped stick
Tying off

Step 4. Wrap the stick with extra yarn. Finish your mobile by tying each strand you made earlier with your leaves and pine cones onto your yarn-wrapped stick. Space out your strands evenly, or asymetrically. All depends on how you would like it look and hang. Tie an additional piece of yarn to either end of your yarn wrapped stick (opposite the side/direction your strands are hanging down) to create a handle for hanging. Hang your mobile and enjoy!