Make Flower Print Process Art Prints

Can we give a shout out to spring! Is there anything better than all the green grass and flowers in full bloom? A classic process art experience to celebrate the season is to pick your favorite fresh flowers from your garden and use them as natural stamps. Children will adore the sensation, texture, and joy that comes form painting with real flowers. 

The set-up is simple, and one that you can have your children assist with too. Before you start your art experience go with your children to select and pick the flowers you will use for your project. The thicker and wider your flowers the more durable and resilient your flowers will be- perfect for younger children. You can use more delicate flowers such as daisies with older children to get a very defined flower image from the flower stamping. 

Supplies (The following contains affiliate links):

-Freshly Picked Flowers

-Cardstock Paper (We used this cream-toned paper)

-Tempera Paint in your colors of choice (We used Magenta and Neon Orange and Neon Green from this paint set)

-A dish to hold your paint (We like these).

flower stamping supplies

Step 1: Pour your paint into your dish. We poured our paints in the same dish as they were compatible colors and we were looking for a two-tone print. You can place your paint into their own paint dishes if you wish to keep the colors separate. 

Flower Stamping DIY

Step 2: Holding the base of your flowers gently place your flowers into the paint dishes and press to transfer the paint onto the flower petals. 

Flower Stamping DI

Step 3: Press the painted flowers directly onto your paper. Reapply paint if desired, or continue to press the painted flower all over your paper until the desired amount of prints have been created. 

Pretty DIY Flower Stamping

Step 4: Using a paint brush apply paint to a leaf from one of the flowers. Use the leaf as a stamp and press it onto your paper in-between the flower prints. 

finished image of stamped flowers

Step 5: Enjoy your finished printed artwork. Allow your children to repeat the process as much as they like. These prints make wonderful cards, wrapping paper, or backgrounds for photos.