5 Audiobooks That Will Save Your Next Road Trip

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There's nothing like hearing that dreaded question from the back seat of the car 5 minutes into your 18 hours road trip, 

"Are we there yet?"

You roll your eyes, sigh deeply, and remind your child kindly that, "No, not yet. The adventure has just begun." You begin rummaging through all the snacks, games, books, and gadgets you packed to provide an assortment of entertainment. Making you feel absolutely confident that you can keep that question at bay, just a little longer.

However, upon the 55th time that question is asked you find yourself in desperate need of something more to offer besides car bingo (Although, if you are looking for a good one give this one a go). 

We totally get it. We have been there too. It's one of those pivotal parenting moments, the quintessential test that no one tells you is part of this thing called parenthood. Can you stay as cool as a cucumber while confined in a small space while your child asks you the same question over an over on repeat...for hours. We would like to see a Yogi make it through a long road trip and still feel zen by the end. 

Fortunately, we polled the KidArtLit community and asked them for their favorite audiobook recommendations that are just the ticket to easing those tense moments, provide some quality entertainment, and keep everyone thoroughly entertained, and not asking "Are we there yet?" 

1. A.A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh

Classic retelling of the story of Christopher Robbin and his sweet bear (and all the Hundred Acre Woods Friends) told by Peter Denis. Joyful, hilarious at times, and touching too. You and your children will want to listen to these stories that stand on their own, or build upon one another again and again. Wonderful for ages 2-8 years. 


2. Roald Dahl's Matilda

Read by the ever-talented Kate Winslet you and your children will get lost in the magical wonderland of Matilda's imagination. Filled with the trials and tribulations of young childhood this audio book packs all of the colorful imagery and style Roald Dahl is known for. Matilda is witty, charming, a nuisance at times, but always creative. She is an inspiration to childhood. Recommended for 5 years and up (some content may be troublesome to some young listeners).


3. The Little Prince

Originally published in French by Antione De Saint-Exupery, the Little Prince is a remarkable story within a story. A pilot crash lands in a desert where he meets a mysterious little boy who tells him of the planet he is from, of his beautiful rose, and in the process helps the pilot remember his own creativity. A delightfully slower-paced story that will entertain any deep thinker. Wonderful for children entering kindergarten and up. 


4. Pipi Longstocking

Did you read the wild adventures of Pipi Longstocking as a child? You are in for a delicious treat with this audio book. Jam-packed with all the original stories Pipi's escapades will keep you and your children rolling with laughter. Pipi and her spunky personality will perk up any long car ride in no time. Children in preschool and up will enjoy these charming stories. 


5. Little Bear

Who can resist the joy that Maurice Sendak's Little Bear brings with every new story? Narrated by Signourney Weaver this sweet series is a delight to listen to no matter your age. The language is simple, and the audiobook does a wonderful job of enhancing the emotions indicated in each passage. Clearly marked within the audio "chapters" so you can easily pause, stop, and resume this audiobook. A great addition to any collection for children ages 3-7.