5 Simple & Child Friendly Ways to Display Kid Art In Your Home

If you are like us then your kids also create a ton of art, bring home a ton of art from school, and seem to leave bits of paper filled with drawings in their wake. We aren't complaining. It's a great problem to have, but what is one to do with all of that art? Keep it? (how?) Throw it away, Display it? (Again how?), or give it away? What brings the best benefit to children, as well as allow we grown-ups to continue to provide a home environment that isn't overrun by piles of paper?

Displaying children's artwork, whether in your home or classroom provides such a benefit to young children and their overall sense self worth. Early Childhood educator and author ofThe Art of Awareness: How Observation Can Transform Your Teaching, Debbie Curtis says,  "They see that their work is being taken seriously. Displaying their work tells them that their work is important and that grown-ups value their work..." 

That's all fantastic, right? But, how do you go about displaying your children's artwork in your home without losing the aesthetic of your home? We all love our children, and we LOVE that they make art, but that doesn't mean we want to wallpaper our home in their artwork (although, that could be really cool for a kid's bathroom...just a thought). Don't worry. We've got you covered. Over the next few weeks we will explore the best ways to keep, store, and display our children's artwork. Starting today, let's dive into our top 5 simple techniques for creating changeable art displays, so you can keep that kid art moving and rotating through. Plus, these techniques are child friendly, so your kids can get in on the action too. 

 *(This article contains affiliate links)*

*(This article contains affiliate links)*

Transform an Old Picture Frame

One of our favorite ways to display children's artwork is in a clothesline fashion, and one of the best ways we have found to create a "classy" clothes line is with an old picture frame (minus the glass), some wire, and a few, you guessed it, clothespins. All you need to is measure a piece of malleable steel wire (like this one) and wrap one end around one side of your picture frame, extend the wire across the frame and wrap the other end several times around the opposite side of the frame until you have created a simple "clothesline" attach a few clothespins and viola you have a very shabby-chic way to display your children's artwork. 


Clipboard Art Dispplay

Clipboard Displays

Is there anything more functional than a clipboard? Attach a few to your wall to create a charming, slightly industrial, and absolutely kid-friendly framing method (no glass!). We like these the best for our hanging purposes. 


Display Your Kid Art In your Home

Integrate Kid Art into your Every Day

Kid art is extremely versatile, and because there is so much of it theres no need to feel badly about displaying it ways that get every day use like as placemats, coasters, table runners, or ahem, wallpaper. 


Curate A Gallery Using Unusual Frames

Mason Jar DIY Picture Frame

We love it when we get to repurpose items from our homes to create a beautiful display of our children's artwork, and two of our favorite items to use are mason jar lids and embroidery hoops. Both of these techniques are simple, create a consistent look, and are easy to change out the artwork. They are also great ways to display more process-based artwork; making them great for displaying artwork created by very young artists. 

May KidArtLit Box- Use a Box for a Frame

Create a Box Frame

If there is one thing we have more than enough of it's boxes. Did you know you can create a simple and fun shadow box frame using an old box? We created these dream theaters as part of the May KidArtlit box delivery. The best part? The box was not only a fun way to play with the artwork created, but also a great way to frame and display the art that was made. 


BONUS! Printable Frames

Sometimes just creating a mini gallery wall for your children to change out their own artwork can be so fun. Why not print out paper frames to let your children decorate (or not) and then tape their original master pieces to and use washi tape to hang up in their own "salon gallery" style wall. This makes for a great way to display artwork in a bedroom, playroom, or hallway too. You can download your own printable frame from the KidArtLit Resource library. Enter your e-mail address below to get instant access. 

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