DIY Travel Art Kit For Kids

DIY Travel Art Kit For Kids

About a month ago our family found ourselves stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire. Between poor cell reception and it being rush hour we waited on the side of the road for two hours until help arrived. 

Already tired and cranky the thought of taking my two kids to the tire store for a new tire was not something I was looking forward to. That is, until I remembered my Mini Travel Art Kit in my purse. My heart skipped a beat as the stress melted away. Everything was going to be fine. Just find. 

At the tire store we settled into the waiting room that smelled of stale popcorn and instant coffee. I pulled the little kit from my bag and laid out the contents for my children to begin playing with. Within minutes they had created mini masterpieces, kites, necklaces, and little books. Two hours in and the kids had used the contents of the kit to create an entire little paper world to play in. The kids stayed engaged. My stress kept at bay, and the car got fixed. The day was saved.

You can make your own mini traveling art kit for kids for that next time you find yourself stuck at the mechanic's, the dentist office, a restaurant, or a day out at the park. Use items from around your home, or click the items listed below to purchase the items to create a new kit just for you (note, contains affiliates). 

DIY Travel Art Kit For Kids

For your kits you will need:

1 Pencil Case/Make Up Case

1 Pair of Scissors

A stack of recycled sheets of paper cut down,  or a small notebooks


Chalk Pastels


Play dough

1 Altoids Case to contain your crayons and chalk, or other small container

Small Hole Punch (We like these with the shapes)

Other Options of Items to Include

3-5 Pipe Cleaners

Beads in a Small Plastic Container

Glue Stick

Mini Stapler

What Else Could You Include?


Pack all of your items into your pencil case. You may need to play around with how to arrange all of your items. Close your case with all your items inside, and toss it into your bag or glove compartment of your car. Pull it out the next time you need some entertainment for your children (and a bit of a break for you).

DIY Travel Art Kit for Kids