Of All The Quotes Out There About Raising Kids, We Need To Remember This One The Most

Goethe Quote Printable

You have seen them all. The quotes typed up with fancy fonts and unbelievable graphic design skill they make your jaw drop. You know what I am talking about. The quotes written in controlled thick black marker that some how they look elegant and messy all at the same time that they sweep you away in their breathy simplicity and effortlessness.

This is not one of those quotes.

Nope. Not at all.

And do you know why? 

Because it's too dang long. 

Yep. There are just too many words. But, heres the thing, it's such a good one. Such a great quote. One that we all need to be reminded of its existence. A reminder of a way of seeing others, and especially as a way of seeing children, but also as a way to get a glimpse of our own reflections, our own capabilities, and our own strength as parents, caregivers, educators, and humans. Humans who care about other humans...about our environment...about our society...about about the future state of our world. 

Raising kids is no easy feat, but you already know that. So, what, or how, do you go about raising children in a way that helps them grow into their full potential? We look to Johann Wolfgang Goethe for inspiration. 

What? The What?

Yep, let's look to a nineteenth century dramatist, scientist, poet and influencer (to speak in modern terms, but Goethe has inspired many from Mozart to Darwin) to give us some insight on how to raise children today. You see, Goethe was a free thinker. He spent a lot of time observing and wondering about the world in which he lived. Through writing, and observing, and scientific exploration Goethe ruminated on what exactly makes people tick and he did so deeply in his most well known work Faust.

But, this article is not about Goethe, or Faust. It's about reminding us that it doesn't take a lot to raise wonderful children. to raise curious, creative, and compassionate children. What it takes is looking deeply at the children in our lives and seeing who they could be, who they will be, and treating them accordingly. 

It takes providing children with opportunities that pique their interests, and spark their inner yearnings to learn more, explore more, and tend to their desire to be part of these adult webs we have created more slowly, and one step at a time.  Sharing deep content with them, because they think deeply. Sharing opportunities for exploration, because they are natural  investigators. Going just beyond their current level of comprehension to encourage growth.

So, let's treat our children like the individuals they could be , and watch them become what they could be. 

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