Your Next Road Trip Won't Be Dull With This Storytelling Technique

Storytelling Technique

For some children jumping into creating and making doesn’t always come naturally. They might need a little imagination warm-up before they are ready to dive knee-deep in paint. And really, we adults can always use a little warm up too. 

One of the best ways to get those imagination sparks firing is through storytelling. Whether that be through reading books, or other method of storytelling building the thoughts around story is always such a great way to get kids to start thinking, imagining, and open up their curiosity.  

You don't always have to read a book to spark the imagination. One of KidArtLit's favorite favorite story instigating techniques includes a lot of movement, play, and gross motor skills too. Best part? This works great around a campfire, in a tent, or while on a road trip-perfect for summer travels.

This simple storytelling technique even the youngest participants can enjoy, and they can help gather the items for the project too! Gather small items from around your home-shells, coins, figurines- and using crepe paper begin wrapping the first item in the paper until completely covered. Now, add the next item on top of the piece you just wrapped. Continue wrapping until all of your items have been encased in your crepe paper (which will now be a small-medium size ball). To begin the game begin by unraveling the crepe paper until you come to the first item.

Here’s the fun part. Begin telling your story by incorporating your first item you uncovered. Remember all stories begin with “Once upon a time….” once the first person has said enough about the first item they can pass the crepe paper story telling ball onto the next player to continue the game. For young children an adult can help narrate the story as the child unravels the ball for fabulous fine motor skill practice!

Do you have a favorite storytelling method? Share in the comments.

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