Meet Amy Fuss of Start Creative


From the moment we connected with Amy Fuss  we knew that we wanted to know more about her and her creative business, Start Creative. Amy spends her days in the beautiful Arizona desert thinking up creative ideas that turn into  fun projects that spark creativity for families. Her Scribble Doodle Books are just one example of her creative ingenuity. Toss a doodle book in your bag, in your car, tucked away for a rainy day, or pack them up to spark creativity on your next adventure. Plus you can save 15% on your order through September 10th when you use the code "KidArtLit" at check out over on start creative. Read More below.


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Welcome Amy! Let's get to know you better:

Tell us, what was your childhood like?

Happy! I come from a larger family and childhood was a happy time. We spent a lot of time together – my parents reading Narnia and Little House on the Prairie books to us, making up games or creating pretend adventures with my siblings and spending time outside.



How do you start your day? And, more importantly, are you a coffee, tea, or other kind of gal?

Ideally, I like to start the day with a workout – best time of day for me. We usually have breakfast together as a family and although it is always rushed, we enjoy that time together. While I do appreciate the smell of my husband’s morning coffee, I start the day with water or almond milk!


Share with us where the idea for your business came from.

The idea for Start Creative came mainly from my two older kids. All of my children love to draw (we go through so much paper!). Lots of times they would sit down to draw and ask for some inspiration. What I love most about our doodle books is seeing how the same prompt sparks a different idea for each artist!



Where do you find your inspiration?

Inspiration is really all around! I keep a running list of ideas near my desk and write them down as they come. If I don’t, I find myself thinking later in the day…what was that idea again? It really helps me to write it down and come back to it.


Do you have any special projects you are working on that you would like to share with us?

This year we started selling wholesale. It has been exciting to see this area grow and see our products in different distribution channels.



Do you have any advice for those who are just starting out?

Don’t let fear hold you back! Whether it is starting your business or asking for advice. Everyone has been in the position of just starting out and most are willing to encourage others in that same position.


What makes your heart sing? Lifts you up? Makes you feel content? Or just makes you happy to be alive?

This might seem strange living in a desert but the rain does all of those things for me. Maybe it is because rain is rare here or maybe it is a nudge to move somewhere with more rain!



What are some of your favorite blogs, books, IG accounts?

There are so many creators and entrepreneurs that encourage and inspire me! A few I enjoy reading/following are @hellowonderful_co , @maandpamodern, @cakiesblog, @ohhappyday, @hannahacarpenter, @helloshiso, @artcampla and of course @kidartlit


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Thank you Amy!

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