[Spoiler Alert!] Here's What's In the KidArtLit August Packages

We've never done this before, but we are so anxious to share. If you've been curious about what is inside the KidArtLit August packages, here are some MAJOR spoilers about this month’s picture book and family art experiences. Read on to find out more, or click to reserve your August Delivery today. 


Grandmother Thorn By Katey Howe


“With painstaking precision and infinite care, she maintained her plants and path. Every leaf, every pebble had its place.”

— from Grandmother Thorn by Katey Howes (author) and Rebecca Hahn (illustrator)

In August's picture book pick, Grandmother Thorn treasures her garden, where not a leaf, twig or pebble is allowed out of place. But when a persistent plant sprouts without her permission, Grandmother begins to unravel. A dear friend, the passage of seasons, and a gift only nature can offer help Grandmother Thorn discover that some things are beyond our control, and that sweetness can blossom in unexpected places.

Most of us can relate to Grandmother Thorn's struggles with frustration and perfectionism. This struggle may be particularly familiar to young children who are practicing and mastering many new skills on a weekly—or even daily—basis, and the added context of creativity that our delivery brings will add richness to this theme.

Art is a safe place for making mistakes, trying new ideas, and changing perspectives. As your family works through the art processes in this month's delivery, you will be able to revisit Grandmother Thorn and look for commonalities in experience.


 Author  Katey Howes Diving Into a Good Book

Author  Katey Howes Diving Into a Good Book


We don't just adore the folk-tale style and intricate, handmade illustrations in this book. Grandmother Thorn is the debut title from author Katey Howes, and we strongly relate to Katey's own story of coming home to her own creativity in motherhood. Read more about Katey here, and stay tuned for more from our partnership with her and independent publishing house, Ripple Grove Press.




Cutting Practice
“The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists”

— Japanese Proverb

Readers quickly understand that perfection is the name of the game in Grandmother Thorn’s garden. However, a struggle with failure opens her eyes to new possibilities, and within her frustration, she learns to bend and find unexpected happiness.

Your August delivery will let children explore two traditional Japanese art forms—shiori ningyo (bookmark dolls) and ikebana (flower arranging) — that let children experiment with and improve their scissor skills, harnesses focus, and perhaps even find sweetness in frustration as they create three-dimensional art that can be displayed, enjoyed, or added to their next round of make-believe.

All the supplies you need to complete these multi-step projects with two artists will be included, including two pairs of high-quality safety scissors, patterned origami paper & washi tape, and more.




Our mini-magazine will bring the project together for you with step-by-step instructions, research-based ideas for at-home reading, and lots of background information to help you address your child's needs. For instance, this month we're sharing...

  • how to build reading comprehension by leveraging you child's personal experiences,

  • what "bilateral coordination" is all about and how to help your child develop it,
  • quick tips to help children hold scissors correctly,

  • and more.


ikebana Japanese craft


Your August delivery will ship out on August 15—just eight days from now! If you haven't ordered yet, reserve your box here. As always, quantities this month are extremely limited. We sold out in June AND July, and we have just nine boxes left today. Don't wait to order.