Meet Leslie Mingo of Dylbug

It's hard not to fall in love with the sprightly and bold designs Leslie Mingo of  Dylbug adorns her playful children's plates and accessories. Read on to learn more about Leslie and her exciting business all about making meal time full of fun just as much as nutrition. Follow Leslie on Instagram and Facebook too!


Introducing Leslie Mingo of

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Tell, us about how you start your day. 

A hot shower and upbeat music get me ready for the day.



Where did the idea of your business come from? 

Being a mother of 3 has challenges when I am trying to get my kids to eat. I wanted a way to make healthy food fun. Playing paper dolls is fun so why not play dress up with food instead of paper? That's how I created the personalized plates and outfit food cutters.



Where do you find your inspiration?

I find food inspiration all the time from my Instagram followers. Other ideas just constantly pop up in my head.


Do you have any special projects you are working on? If so, please can you tell us what they are?

I am designing new plate and cutters to be available in a few months in my shop.



Do you have any advice for those who may just be starting out in the world of entrepreneurship?

What has been helpful for me is to reach out to other similar brands. I am two years new and I still learn from others constantly. There is an awesome community of mom brands that all want to help each other.


What makes your heart sing? Lifts you up? Makes you feel content? Or just makes you happy to be alive?

Music and silly dancing. Seriously, how can you be in a grumpy mood with your favorite song on?


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What are some of your favorite blogs, books, IG accounts?

I love childrens books. I love looking at the illustrations and reading them to my daughter. It's a special bonding time. I enjoy following interior design accounts on Instgram. In my next life I may choose that as a career.


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Love what you see?

Check out for more details on Leslie's amazing products, and don't forget to pop into one of her live dance parties on Instagram. Leslie will be offering the KidArtLit Instagram community $25 off a product of their choice during a giveaway on the KidArtLit instagram page. Giveaway begins September 20th 2017. Mark your calendars!


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