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When kids books and process art work together, children are inspired to be creative, curious, and compassionate.

When we work together, we can help more parents connect deeply with their children and raise adults that read, think, innovate, and care.

That's pretty cool, right?

You already know all about that, though, because you are a leader in the online world of kid's art and literature, education, and parenting; your work has paved the creative path we are starting down with KidArtLit.

Having you on our Launch Team is a BIG DEAL to us, both professionally and personally. Thank you. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy this ride with us and that we can reciprocate this gift someday soon.

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Launch Team Benefits:

  • The Swag—We can't wait for you to enjoy our product. (Because we are launching a physical product, we have made the tough decision to cap the size of our launch team. We can’t send free stuff to everyone, but we really want to send it to you, specifically.)

  • Social Shares, Shoutouts, and Link Backs—We all have a lot in common, and that includes our demographic. You can count on us to share your content, shout you out, and link back to you whenever we can. 

  • Image Library—Use our photos and buttons to make these the easiest blog posts, newsletters, or social shares you've ever done.

  • Pave The Way for Deeper Partnerships—Build out a rockin' and exclusive affiliate/referral program by testing (and giving us the chance to perfect) our capacity to convert at scale.


What We Are Asking:

As you know, launching a business takes a lot of preparation, and we plan to stick our landing like Nadia Comaneci at the 1976 Olympics. Our launch plan begins with a month of giveaways in March and culminates with our first product shipment in the middle of May. We are asking you to commit to taking action in a few ways.

  • Pre-launch—Our March pre-launch campaign will be highly critical for our success, and your willingness to share our good news will be so valuable to us.  Don't worry, it will be valuable for your audience, too, since we are giving away great prizes on our website and Instagram.

  • Unboxing—Seeing the postal carrier bring that box up to your drive is a bit like seeing Santa slide down the chimney. Share that experience.

  • Review—We can't wait to hear what you think about our product.

  • More Ways to Participate—Ok, let's go ahead and skip right to the nitty gritty here...

Ready to join us? Go ahead and jump in. 

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