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KidArtLit is about connection

missing it, finding it, nurturing it and sharing it

Hi, friend,

From out there on the other side of the screen, we might look pretty put together, but that hasn’t always been the case. A few years ago—after decades building careers in creative development and literacy, a few graduate degrees in education, and a few years parenting the five small children in our lives—we were drained, overwhelmed, and beyond the reach of even the strongest Peet’s latte.


We set out, separately, to reconnect with the hearts of our disciplines in art and education and to seek out like-minded parents who believed, as we do, that the most powerful gift we can give young children is balanced somewhere  between our focused attention on their needs and our willingness to provide them with the space to freely explore.

We each launched websites and Instagram accounts—Julia's work was focused on early-childhood creativity and process art and Megan's was all about the best in children's literature and raising readers—before we met each other online in a local mom's group. We connected and collaborated over the internet, and then began collaborating in person—huddled on the sidelines of in-person playdates at our local park...and KidArtLit was born! 

We NEVER could have anticipated how quickly our online community would grow, and we now reach over twenty thousand families with ideas and inspiration for raising creative kids who love reading.

Educators in child-centered settings have been pairing books and art for generations. And, there is nothing terribly new about a subscription-based company. (Did you ever get music from Columbia House like we did?) But we don’t know of any other services or communities that are as special as KidArtLit.

When we landed on the subscription model (after trying out a few other ideas for you) were adamant: KidArtLIt is NOT "stuff in a box." We have enough stuff, and so do you. Our deliveries about about your time, your connection with your kids, and your parenting magic. They are expertly designed, only contain books and art materials that will stand up to use and reuse, and are made to be interpreted instead of had.

We are SO grateful to you for your support, encouragement, and for helping us spread the word about, not just another box subscription, but a movement to help families everywhere reclaim their story and creative time, build beautifully curated home libraries, and raise creative and curious children.

Creatively, bookishly yours,
Julia & Megan



I'm a mother to two children, a former summer camp professional, an art teacher, and artist. I started documenting my family's creative journey in 2010 after the birth of my first child because, at the time, there were very few online resources about teaching art in early childhood. In 2012, I was having trouble finding an art class for my young son, so I started a Toddler Art Play Group in my backyard. Then, I created a mobile art studio designed just for young artists.

I believe that we are all born artists. By providing opportunities for children to explore their curiosity, we will help them develop a life-long love of creativity.


I'm a mom to three kids, a veteran teacher, learning specialist, and Educational Therapist, I hold two graduate degrees in education and have worked with readers of all ages in schools, clinics, and in private practice.

I'm a lifelong book fanatic, and I read to my kids every day. Just because I love them. And their books. And how quiet they are when I’m reading their books.

This is my fundamental belief: We can’t slow the seasons or put more seconds into a minute, but we can all make storytime spectacular for the little people in our laps.