KidArtLit delivers high-quality children's literature and process-based art projects (with all the supplies!) to help busy families connect deeply through reading and creativity.


What do I get in a KidArtLit Birthday Box?

If you're tired of one-and-done toys and looking for ways to provide children with meaningful experiences instead of more your new go-to birthday gift!

Each KidArtLit Birthday Box arrives in colorful custom packaging and includes a joyful hardback picture book called The Mystery of the Missing Cake, a kit to roll your own beeswax birthday candles, and a scrumptious "fake-cake" sculpture kit (with a secret ingredient....shhhhhh), and more.

There are enough materials for two kids to do both of the projects (or to do the projects twice).

When will my Birthday order ship? Can I set a custom ship date?

Your KidArtLit Birthday Box ships within three business days via fast & reliable Priority mail when you order a either a single box or a Birthday Membership. You will receive a tracking notice when the package ships.

If you would like to customize your ship date, please email us at after you order, and we will gladly accommodate you.

If you opt for a multi-month membership, the KidArtLit Birthday Box will be followed by monthly Deluxe deliveries for as long as you desire. For example, if you choose a 6-Month Birthday Membership, your KidArtLit Birthday Box will ship right away, will be followed by five months of Deluxe deliveries, shipping on the 15th of each month.

Orders of a single KidArtLit Birthday Box do not renew. Birthday Memberships renew on the first of the month after the end of the term. Renewals can be canceled through your customer portal or by email or chat.

Can you send my first box to one address, and then change the address on upcoming deliveries?

Yes! That's no problem. After you place your order, you can update your address through your customer portal. We're also happy to make adjustments to your account through e-mail and chat.

Will my KidArtLit Birthday Box order renew?

Orders of the KidArtLit Birthday Box do not renew.

Birthday Memberships renew on the first of the month after the term ends. You can stop renewals any time through your customer portal, via chat or via email. You can also skip deliveries and pause your account through your portal if you are traveling or entering a busy season of life.

What is your return policy?

We happily accept returns of unopened KidArtLit Birthday Box orders when return are initiated within 14 days of delivery. To initiate a return, or to report any problems with your order, e-mail us at

We will process you refund (minus delivery fees) when we receive your return delivery.

Birthday Membership deliveries are ineligible for return.


What do I get each month?

Each KidArtLit Delivery includes a new hardback picture book and process-based art projects with all the supplies you need for two kids. You can customize your delivery to include one (Spark) or two (Deluxe) art projects, and you can add extra materials if you need to serve additional kids.

Inside each box, you'll also get handy, illustrated guides that walk you through each project, notes from the book's author and illustrator, and more.

Your delivery will always arrive in a delightful custom package. Who doesn't love happy mail?

When will my first delivery ship?

You won’t have to wait long for your first delivery!

When you join as a Deluxe or Spark member between the 1st and 15th of the month, your box will ship on or around 15th, When you join between the 15th and the end of the month, your box will ship within three business days. If we sell out of the current delivery, you will receive one of the boxes from our Past Box Shop as inventory allows.

Past Box orders ship within three business days.

Digital orders are fulfilled via e-mail right away and then on the 15th of each month.

You will be notified by e-mail when your package ships.

What is the difference between Spark and Deluxe Deliveries?

In short, Deluxe deliveries come with two art projects, and Spark kits include one art project.

Deluxe deliveries are the original KidArtLit boxes. They include a hardback picture book and two full art kits. One kit is a Ready-Set-Go Pack that can be completed as soon as your box arrives, and the other in a multi-step process art kit.

Spark boxes joined the KidArtLit family in the fall of 2018 as a ‘little sibling’ to our Deluxe offering. They include the same new-release book as the Deluxe deliveries, but they have one full kit instead of two. The Art Spark projects are similar to the Ready-Set-Go projects.

What ages is KidArtLit best for?

KidArtLit deliveries are created for children ages 3-8. While we do find that kids of all ages love to join the fun, our books and projects are curated to meet the developmental needs of most children within this age range.

Do I need to purchase additional boxes if I have more than one child?

Nope! Each of our boxes includes the supplies you will need to complete the art project(s) two times, so they are perfect for siblings, play dates, and parent-child bonding time.

Deluxe and Spark deliveries can be customized to include supplies for up to eight kids. We love being able to serve large families, homeschooling co-ops, scout troops, kids art studios, and library programs!

Will KidArtLit work for both younger and older children?

Yes! KidArtLit deliveries are designed for kids 3-8 years old, and older and younger siblings frequently love to join the fun.

Even if your children are able to read independently, we encourage you to continue family read alouds using picture books. The frequency of reading aloud in American homes drops significantly after age five, even though older kids report that they enjoy being read to and benefit greatly from the practice (Scholastic’s “Kids & Family Reading Report). And, if you think picture books are just for little kids, think again. Picture books are great jumping off points for deep discussions, include rich vocabulary, and are works of art in themselves.

When it comes to kids' art, KidArtLit projects are process-oriented in nature. That means all kids can approach them in their own unique way. While your three-year-old's project will look different from your eight-year-old's in the end, there is no wrong way to enjoy the inspiration and materials we include.

What is process art & why is it important in childhood?

KidArtLit offers open-ended and process-based projects as companions to high-quality children’s literature.

Unlike crafts or other activities in which there is one expected outcome or correct way to “do” the activity, KidArtLit projects are designed to let your family connect and to help you explore art mediums and materials without expectation. This is a way of approaching art that you might remember fondly from your own childhood but is sadly lacking in many preschool and elementary school environments today.

Our projects include a variety of ways for children to explore concepts and materials and develop their own ideas, and this helps you connect authentically while avoiding power struggles & meltdowns. While we do include step-by-step guides to help you confidently engage with the projects, you never have to worry if the projects will "work" or look "right."

We love a good caterpillar craft as much as the next moms, but we believe process-based art experiences are the best way for children to develop problem-solving skills, confidence, and perseverance.

What happens if I already have the book?

Our deliveries include carefully selected titles that are either brand new releases or from boutique or international publishing houses. We choose books that are artful, meaningful, and have that special something your family will fall in love with. We hope you will be surprised and delighted by each new book, but if you do happen already own a title, contact us when you receive your monthly spoiler at and let us know.

What is the cost of shipping and where do you ship?

KidArtLit offers fast, discounted, flat-rate shipping worldwide with door-to-door tracking.

Kits ship for $10 in the USE.

Canada-bound boxes ship for $15, while all other international orders ship for $20 a month.

What is your renewal and cancelation policy?

KidArtLit Deluxe and Spark memberships are automatically renewed on the first of the month after the end of the membership term (e.g. 1, 3, 6 or 12-months). Digital members are billed on the 15th.

You can turn off auto-renewals any time through your Customer Portal. This will stop your account from being renewed at the end of your current term. You can also skip specific deliveries if you are traveling or entering a busy season of life.

Because we understand that "life happens," we do offer a three-day grace period after renewals. After this, mid-term refunds are not issued because we base purchasing and hiring decisions on your orders.

Prepaid Plans: Please note, members on a 3-, 6-, or 12- month plan will continue to receive deliveries until the end of their current prepaid billing period.

What is your return policy?

We happily accept returns of unopened merchandise from our Past Box shop when return are initiated within 14 days of delivery. To initiate a return, or to report any problems with your order, e-mail us at

We will process you refund (minus delivery fees) when we receive your return delivery.

Monthly deliveries are ineligible for returns.

I am having trouble logging into my Customer Portal.

If you are having trouble getting into your Customer Portal, you may still need to set up your account.

Register for an account here.


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