We’re Megan and Julia, and we believe that a good story can be powerfully transformative and that process-based art experiences are the best way for children to develop problem-solving skills, confidence, and perseverance.

Together, we’re on a mission to make it easier for you to connect deeply with your kids so you can enjoy story time and art time the way you’ve always imagined.

We’re both longtime educators and moms to young families, and we have more than a 30 years of collective experience teaching literacy and creativity to kids. We met in an online mother’s group in 2016 when we were both struggling to stay connected to our passions, and — a few playdates and some Instagram collaboration later — KidArtLit was born. We knew that we could create a service that would bring joy back to story time and art time for parents everywhere with unique subscriptions that are WAY MORE than just “stuff” in a box.

Even though one of us likes coffee and the other likes tea, we go together like a sweater vest and a tweed jacket...kind of like kids books and art projects!

We LOVE hearing from moms, dads, and educators about how books and art play into your nurturing knapsacks and how we can improve what we’re offering you. Go ahead and CONTACT US here to share your story.